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Top Ten Line Dances for Summer 2014!

The Line Dance Season is heating up and we have compiled the Top Ten Line Dances for the Summer of 2014!
Our list is in no way exhaustive but we have compiled the list from the request with get at our
Live DJ functions as well as what is played in our local clubs and radio stations. The list may differ from city to city but the staples are generally the same. So to that End here we go!

1. The Biker's Shuffle by Big Mucci

2. The Happy Line Dance with music by: Pharrell Williams

The Next Three Dances doesn't seem to die, They Are Still in our still our Top 5 of Requests!

3.  The Wobble

4. The Zydeco Bounce

5. The Micheal Jackson Slide

6.  The Blurred Lines line dance with music by: Robin Thicke

7.  The Hater's Shuffle with music by: Keith Frank

8. The You Big Dummy Line Dance

9. The Jamica Funk Line Dance with music by: Tom Brown

10.  The Still Angry Line Dance

Here are few that haven't yet made it in the Top Ten but are gaining ground!

1. Do it with your Boots Line Dance with music by: Cupid

2.  Bass in Yo Face Zydeco Line Dance

3. The Chuck Baby Line Dance with Music By:  The Late Go Go Artist Chuck Brown

4. The Love on Top Line Dance with Music By: Beyonce

There are a few others that are new and some old but aren't highly requested. You can view those by clicking Here.
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