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The Future Is Here: Real Hoover Boards hit the market! Tony Hawk Rides One [video]

The Future is Here: Real Hoover Boards hit the market and Tony Hawk Rides the first one.
We have been seeing Hoover Craft in science fiction for awhile now the technology actually exists. One is the first products to use the technology is called a Hoover Board, which is sort of a skateboard for the 21st century. Check it out! There are only two manufacturers of the board that I know of, One is a company called Hendo the one that Tony Hawk is riding and Lexus makes the other one. I predict that is will be one of the Hottest must have items as soon as the price comes down. Right now Hendo sells theirs for a whooping $10,000.  Wiz Khalifa was restrained riding one at the airport, but we are not sure which kind, as Seqway makes one it "Calls" a Hoover Board but it actually has wheels. These featured below do not

Here is another form on the Technology which won a Guinness Book Record.

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