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How would you like to be played when you die?

How would you like to be played when you die? What would your desired speed be 45rpms, 78rpms or 33rpms?
Jason Leach, the founder of the website Vinyly (pronounced Vinyl- Lee) a play off the word finally as in your final resting place, has a unique concept that allows the deceased ashes to be pressed in a playable vinyl record. It's not actually new, as the site has been around for a couple of years but the word is now starting to get out and he is fielding mounds of requests.

Who would have thought having your ashes made into a vinyl record. You can have the record pressed with your own music, your voice or you can leave it blank and hear your own static noise. Man, your ashes has some bass!….lol…

The down side is that you can only press 12 minutes of audio per side but that just may be enough to press your last will and testament to beat in climb the charts posthumously! Read More

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