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New Jay-Z album lives up to the Hype #mchg #jay-z #yeezus #kayne

If you have had a chance to hear the new Jay-z album you know by now that it lives up to the hype and then some.
The new Jay-z album is due to become an instant classic in my book. There are internet blogs out there who say that it is not one of Jay-z's best and some even dare to say that it is subpar, but I say they don't know hip hop. Now we can't compare it to Kanye's Yeezus because they are two different types of albums and here is why.

Both albums are nice and by far the best two hip hop albums so far in 2013 but Kanye dares to push the boundaries of how far hip hop can go beyond the walls and Jay-z is still within the walls but pushes them farther apart. One works within the established hip hop realm and the other one dares to go outside it. Both approaches accomplish the goals of pure artistry but in uniquely different ways.

I can appreciate the traditional hip hop norm of Jay-z that expands and builds upon what has already been done such as the traditional automobile industry comes out with new vehicles every year with subtile changes that make the traditional cars better. But I can also appreciate the non-traditional automobile industry such as Tesla that dares to go outside of the norm and create something that is still a car but in a new way.

Now I am not talking about the marketing which both artists went outside of the norm for that, with Jay-z having the best marketing plan ever with samsung. Some say he sold out, but I say smart business move, so whatever!

I think both albums have raised the bar for hip hop artists that are currently out and for the new artists to come. You can't just sit in your bed room studio and use fruity loops any longer. That is just not enough, you have to be creative to have a long career other wise you will just be the one hit wonder that is here today and gone tomorrow.

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