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Oprah's Life Class shares 8 Ways fathers can Reconnect with their sons

Oprah's life class shares 8 ways fathers can reconnect with their sons.
Oprah has been on a roll as of late with her new and inovative programming. Her life class for the last couple of weeks has focused on fathers and their important role in the lives of their sons and daughters. In this episode, 8 ways were discussed as to how fathers can reconnect with their sons.

8 Ways Fathers Can Reconnect with Their Sons
Geoffrey Canada says that whether you're an absent father or a dad who feels disconnected from his son, there are concrete actions you can take to reestablish the father-son bond. Watch as he walks through eight things you can do today. Plus, find out why it's important to share something unique with your son.

8 pledges a father can make to his son

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