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Spike Lee is hoping you will Kickstart his new movie

Film maker Spike wants you to help him Kickstart his new movie project.
Spike Lee has turned to the fundraising website to raise 1.2million for his new feature film. He bills the film as funny, sexy and bloody in which he wants his fans to be a part of it's creation.

Lee follows in the footsteps of other famous hollywood types such as Veronica Mars and  Zach Braff that have recently turned to the site to help fund their indie film projects with much success.

In return for you pledge, you have a chance to receive a personal thank you tweet or a dinner date as well as a chance to be court side with him at a Knicks game.

Catch the breezy talk at the end of the video. "This is a mutha F**kin body of work right here"!

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