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How would you like to lease your marriage?

How would you like to lease your marriage?
This may not be for you or maybe it could.  Palm Beach Florida lawyer Paul Rampell has a soultion to the high divorce rate, it's called wedleases! Paul describes how it would work in an article on the washington post.

"Here’s how a marital lease could work: Two people commit themselves to marriage for a period of years — one year, five years, 10 years, whatever term suits them. The marital lease could be renewed at the end of the term however many times a couple likes. It could end up lasting a lifetime if the relationship is good and worth continuing. But if the relationship is bad, the couple could go their separate ways at the end of the term. The messiness of divorce is avoided and the end can be as simple as vacating a rental unit."

 Now this is an interesting concept but will it work in a real world situation. What about the kids, well paul has a solution for that as well.

If the couple has a child, there could be an option to have the lease automatically continue until the child reaches the age of majority. Of course, relationships change with family additions and an extended term may not be feasible. But considering the number of children born out of wedlock these days, would it not be better for parents to at least commit to a wedlease, even if it doesn’t last a lifetime? 

I know we are living in strange times but this is just way beyond strange to me. But I guess, if we can have designer babies, women can get desinger vagina's, men can spruce up their johnson's and now I guess we can soon as leased marriages to the list.

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