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When do you know it's time to drop a friend? Here are a few questions that should be asked..

When do you know it's time to drop a friend? Here are a few questions that should be asked.

Sometimes friends can add value to yourself and other times they can take it away. Sometimes, it is neither but just a close comrade that can never be broken unless something unthinkable happens then the fallout occurs. In the end here are 10 questions that should be asked before you drop the bomb and cut the fools loose according to website

1. Is the friendship energizing or draining? After spending a couple hours with the friend in question, do you feel energized and inspired or in dire need of a nap? Some friends can wear you out because of their high energy and go-go-go personalities, and that’s fine, but others — you know the ones we’re talking about — leave you feeling drained in a much more profound, spiritual way. If you need at least a day to recover and re-energize after your hangouts, reassess the relationship might be a wise move.
2. Does he or she make you feel bad on the regular? If she’s making back-handed comments about the person you’re dating or shit-talking your other friends, or just fond of guilt-tripping you for dumb things, like not dropping everything to come to the drinks thing she’s throwing next week, that solidly qualifies as making you feel like crap regularly. Winona’s friend once blew her mind by telling her about her bad/break rule: “When something or someone is making you feel bad, you need to make a break for it.”
3. How long have you been together? History counts for something — not everything, but something – when it comes to deciding if a friendship breakup is in order. If she’s been around since you were kids and knows your folks, if she was there to comfort you the first time you got dumped or console you when you realized it was a huge mistake to dye your hair bright purple, she shares an important piece of your past. You might both be totally different people now, but you can’t deny how important it is have someone in your life who remembers when you were going through your goth phase. Of course, this isn’t enough to sustain a healthy friendship, but shared history may prompt you to see if there are other measures you may be able to take to save or restructure the friendship.

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