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Should asking a woman to smile be considered Harrassment?

 Source: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Source: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Source: Tatyana Fazla
Should Asking a woman to smile be considered Harassment?
I know we are living in a time of political correctness gone a muck and yes, there are certain things people just ought not say.  Words that are derogatory, offensive demeaning or racist are a few examples of things that should not be said; I am sure there are more but those are the few that come to mind.

I recently read an article on "Cat Calling" and how some women feel harrassed when approached by a stranger on the street who uses such language such as "Pssss!, Hay what is your name",  "Hey, Lil Mama" or something toned down such as "Hello Beautiful" and the like. Now I understand, that those unwanted phrases from a stranger can be considered "harrassing" to some women and It is understandable especially if you don't know the person and don't want to be bothered while you are shopping or just coming out of the entrance to your favorite grocery store.

But what I found today, I my opionion, goes a little far. I see many women that are frowned up and always look mad as if the whole world can just kiss their *ss. I know life may be tough and you may be going through, but as Kirk Franklin said "life can feel so much better when you Smile". True, women don't owe us a men anything but, asking a women to smile is not about "cat calling" it's about letting some women know that it's gonna be alright. You don't have to let the word in but you owe it to yourself to smile and be happy. So I pose the question.......

What is wrong with asking a woman to smile, as a form of encouragement? If you see someone that you don't know, what is wrong with saying "Smile, beautiful, Life will get better" and go on about your business with no ulterior motives?

This is just my opinion after reading hearing about this campaign called "Stop Telling Women to Smile".. Really???? Has political correctness come to this level? I mean is it really that serious??  Let us know your thoughts.... Peep the Kickstart campaign below that is against men asking women to smile. Again, I say... Is it that serious? Really? Would you support this or has this gone to far?

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