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90's Flashback: Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard interview Muhammad ALi on the Arsenio Hall Show

Arsenio Hall is back with a new show and is pulling in great ratings so far but, we went back to the 90's and found this gem of an interview. Peep it after the jump.
Arsenio Hall has returned to the late night landscape after almost 20 years and although he is a little rusty, it is as if he never left.

In his first week, he was the #1 late night talk show beating Leno by a nice margin. Let's hope he finds his groove and continues with great ratings because we need a little more variety at late night talk.

Having said that, look at this interview when Arsenio was in his prime. It was fun, spontaneous and exciting. I hope he allows the new show to be loose and fun, that is what made his show unique.

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