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Troubling New Game Sets Troubling New Tone for Our Youth

Troubling new game in New Jersey is really setting a troubling tone for our youth.
In an era where everything is viral on the internet and a seemingly nobody can become a star either nationally or in the hood over night, there comes a highly troubling new trend. In New Jersey, teens are playing a game called "Knock Out" where they go up to a total stranger and see if they can knock the person out with one punch. The act is usually filmed and put on the internet for display and the kids call it fun. WTF!

Our elders have marched and shed blood for our rights and we have come so far now because of our failing educational system and family structure, actions like this threaten to take us back. When these things occur, all African Americans suffer because of the stereo type that gets slapped on us for something not all of us are doing.

Parents, we must let our youth know about our history and where we come from because with each passing generation our history is getting lost. Before long, our teens and youth will no nothing of our struggle for equality but they will only know the fleeting fame, jail time and dispair that acts like these will ultimately bring.

Peep the disturbing video below...

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