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Steve Harvey Comments on Mimi and Niko Sex Tape [audio]

Steve Harvey Comments on Mimi and Niko Sex Tape.
The internet and water cooler talk over the last week has been about "Love and Hip Hop" reality stars Mimi and Niko's sex tape.

From sold out shower rods to breaking records in pre-sales for a porn video, the buzz both good and bad has been the talk of the day.

The notorious shower scene in the trailer has home depot, lowes and walmart sold out  of extra strength shower rods according to TMZ.  In the scene, Niko performs oral sex while Mimi does pull ups on a shower rod. In the coming months expect an increase of injuries from people trying this on a average shower rod and busting their ass on the ground. Also, this buzz has created over $400,000 in pre-orders for porn company Vivid Entertainment which is releasing the video. It is expected to be the best selling porn video ever... What has our world come to!

Well, Steve Harvey has some very insightful yet opinionated views on the whole ordeal. While I don't judge anyone, it can be said, that if you put your business on the internet for the world to see, expect years later for it to come back in bite you. Just be able to deal with it when it does.

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