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What is with the explosion of the slang term "#ThrowingShade" Lets put some light on it!

What is with the explosion of the slang term "Throwing Shade"?
Alright, I am a little late on this one. I am an old school dude but I like to keep up on the newest slang so that I can know exactly what my kids are talking about and not be in the dark. But, this time, my wife got one up on me.  She was talking about something, that happened during her day and she used the term "Throwing Shade". I didn't say anything but in my mind, I was like what does that mean? As she continued to talk, the context clues (remember that from school) kicked in and I got it.

Now, I am a research dude, so I quickly went to the net and found out that, apparently this is the latest catch phrase of the day. Much like the ubiquitous "Turn up"! It is used primarily and is rooted in the under ground culture but is now making it's way into the mainstream mostly by females.

So below find the meaning and the trends on the phrase that started gaining steam last year but is getting ready to go mainstream this year. So here's to the summer of "Throwing Shade".. Ugh! here is another one!  I just threw shade on the term "Throwing shade"......

Throwing Shade, is to throw "attitude."
I was all up in the club "Throwing Shade" last night.

I saw the bitch in the club last night, and she threw me shade. (OR) I saw the bitch, and threw her shade.

That bitch is throwin shade `cause she's ugly as fuck!! 
to talk trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. When throwing shade it's immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bitcy, uncool one
"How does Kimmy keep any friends? Last night at the party all she did was throw shade at people."

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Throwing Shade Trends:

Here below is an excerpt of an article and video clip that appeared recently on Gawker which explains the term from the under ground point of view.

Shade is a form of expression, and expression must shift to accommodate modern media. The form and understanding of it was bound to water down.

Today, the shade defined by Dorian Corey is an ideal that, by virtue of its nature, is rarely realized. Instead, we get attempts and perhaps sometimes misinterpretations. But then, so doesParis Is Burning, in which not every reference to "shade" is as deeply understood as Corey's. Check one queen's response to the classic male/female fox coat debate ("It buttons on the right side!"): "Oooh, they're shady! They throwing shade at him, I can't believe this!" In fact, the announcer is doing nothing but openly stating his beef and insulting the competing queen for wearing the wrong garment. 

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