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Exercise May Help You have Better Sex. See The Top 5 Reasons

Did you know that all those hours you spend at the gym can pay off in a major way in between the sheets too? Well they can! Understanding this sweaty and sexy connection has major benefits ladies so get ready to take charge in both the gym and the bedroom ASAP!

1. Focused And Fierce
If you’ve been mid romp with your partner yet find yourself thinking about a deadline at work then lady it may be time to refocus. Exercise naturally helps sync both your mind and body so the more you do it the better you become at quieting your racing brain whether you are bicep curling or cowgirl-ing. 

2. Amazing Arousal For All
When you do 15 uninterrupted burpees and when your man kisses you like it was the first time although it’s the millionth time, excitement is guaranteed to show up. And when you get excited blood surges to all the right parts of your body – not matter what your activity may be. Plus studies show that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly (The University of Texas at Austin). So yeah, about that workout. Get on it.

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