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New Female Hybrid rap/r&b artist #Jo'zzy brings the 90's back with a bang! [Tryna Wife Video}

New Female Hybrid rap/r&b artist Jo'zzy brings the 90's back with a bang!
How many of you are longing for real substance, harmonies, beats and raw talent to come back to the music landscape? I know i have....

The 90's were refreshing in that you had variety... You had the southern slow bangers like Scarface, Outkast, Master-P, Cash Money Records (Yep! They been around that long and one of the few crews still making good music) but then you also had the west coast power houses such is Dr. Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, DJ Quick, E-40, Digital Underground, Pharcyde. Then the east coast had Biggie, DMX, Ma$E, Jay-Z (another one still banging the hits from the 90's), Missy Elliot, Eve and more.

You had Miami Bass with the 69boyz and 2 Live Crew with New Orleans Bounce as well.

Point is today's music is boring, and one sided... I love the ATL but, lately everything coming out of there sounds the same and lacks skill, poise and emotion with the few exceptions of T.I. and Young Jeezy.

We need life back into the music... I am not hating on the young cats from the ATL, they can do their thing but, there is so much room for more.... The time is now..... R&B must come back as well because it is getting lost to the Pop audience with the emergence of the new category Pop/ R&B... What the hell is that?

If we don't deversify the music... We will lose it just like we lost Rock n Roll and Contemporary Jazz..

This new song gives me hope.... Let's hope Radio will give it a shot.... Because they are also to blame with the stalemate.

It is Jo'zzy featuring Timbaland and MaSe- Tryna Wife....

Leave you comments below.... This is just my opinion....

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