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Rapper Plies gets yanked off stage by Fan!

Rapper Plies gets yanked off stage by a Fan!

While performing a concert in Tallahassee, Florida this past weekend, a fan yanked Plies off the stage. The rapper had initially invited the fan on the stage but then told him that he was standing to close to him. “We too close to be two ni**as. We can’t be this close, dawg.”plies said. After those words, the fan grabbed the rapper by the waist and pulled him off the stage.

According to TMZ,  the fan was kicked out of the building by security. Plies later got back on stage. The attacker — who suffered a busted lip, later said on Instagram, “You’re one of my top 5 favorite artists, bruh. That ni**a started talking that bullsh*t… So I dropped his a** like any real ni**a would do like, ‘B*tch, f*ckk you, bruh.’”

The guy who pulled him off stage explains why he did it.

Plies Responds back

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