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How would you save a dying friendship? Here are 10 ways to succeed!

Black and White friendship
Photo Credit: George Bremer (Creative Commons)
How would you save a dying friendship? Check out to 10 ways you can accomplish the task after the jump.

1. Spend An Unreasonable Amount Of Time Driving In A Car Together

Nothing makes two people rekindle a lost bond like talking about whether or not there’s gonna be traffic, being overly knowledgable about the names of highways, and getting irrationally excited upon seeing a sign that promises Popeye’s at the next exit. So crank up the regional radio stations you’re completely unfamiliar with and enjoy the ride–you’ve just accrued enough #lifeexperience to stretch your friendship out another seven years.

2. Email Your Friend Random Internet Items

As in, new songs that you think they might like, dumb videos, or any information you think they may get a kick out of. The personal touch makes all the difference, as it indicates that you thought the particular item was specifically tailored for them. What Does The Fox Say?

3. Accept That Just Like You Are No Longer The Same, Neither Are They

Given that Drake is a musical entity, we all know this. If you are 3 years out of school, you must accept the fact that the sophomore year version of your bestie has long since vacated the premises. The new version might not seem as cool, but you’ve gotta at least try to get to know him.
It’s important to treat your friendships like relationships, in the sense that (a. in order to last, they need to grow and evolve, and (b. the sex needs to be great.

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