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House Music Makes a Comeback

House Music Makes A Comeback.
The Chicago created repackage of Disco in the late 80's and Early 90's in having a resurgence among the EDM crowd. It is also giving new life to old House DJ's such as Louie Vega and David Morales as well as new artists such as today's featured artist Joyride with a song called "Speed Trap". The song is tagged as Bass House which is a cross between trap music and Aggressive Deep House. It is very textured in it's approach which has its rooted in the traditional house drum pattern of a standard pouncing kick with synchronized Hit Hats. The resurgence started a few years ago with the mainstreaming to the House / EDM DJ's Disclosure. House is even endorsed by President Obama who is from Chicago and Loves House Music.

Check out this gem and Let us know what you think.

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