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Dr. Dre: Compton- A Soundtrack [Review]

Dr. Dre: Compton- A Soundtrack [review]

5 Stars *****

Well The Wait is over, Compton, Dr. Dre's first album in 16 years is finally here. I had a chance to listen to the streamed premier and the album is worth the wait. Even though the music landscape has changed in the last 16 years since his last CD 2001, Dre has surrounded himself with co-producers to help update his sound.

The album is inspired by the new biopic "straight outta compton" which tells the story of the late 80s trendsetting group N.W.A. and it's rise and fall with everything in between.

In recent interviews Dr. Dre said that the movie left him so inspired that he went to the studio and began working on a new album and he also said that the reason "Detox" never came out was because he flat out did not like the album even though he worked his ass off on it.

Now enter 2015 and Compton: A Soundtrack is born. The album starts off with an Intro that is a dramatic narration that describes how compton went from a middle class black neighborhood to one full of crime, drugs and murder.  Dre rhymes ("Face down on the pavement with the billy clubs . . .") and says (".Now it's 'Fuck Tha Police' all up in the club".

Right out of the Intro comes the Trap Inspired sound of  "Talk about it" featuring King Mez and Justus which hits hard and gives the younger audience a bit of now with a Dre. Touch. It introduces Dr. Dre to the Millennial generation with a bang.

Then comes the song "Genocide" with a bass line that is just wicked featuring Kendrick Lamar and Marsha Ambrosius it is a must listen turned up loud!

Another One of the standout tracks is the song titled "Animal" which features Anderson Paak and DJ Premier helping with the production. The track is typical premier but features a Dr. Dre touch that takes is to the next level.  Dre raps "Still trying to figure out why I am full of rage, I think I figured this shit out around the 5th grade".  "I'm product of the system raised on government aid and I knew just how to react when it was time for that raid"......" Don't treat me like an animal cause all this shit is flamable"....It is a very thought provoking song!

The whole album is very conceptual from beginning to end, The production is very imaginative, progressive and contemporary. It has Trap, It has Gangsta, It has East Coast Hip Hop, it is has new sounds and new beat patterns it is definite Dr. Dre.

It is very producer intense so the average consumer will have to digest it a couple of times to grasp its greatness. It is a classic in my book..

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