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WWE Head Honcho, Vince McMahon decided to bring back the ill-fated XXL football league in 2020 after lasting one year in 2001.

McMahon said that he would focus on key elements like player safety, a simpler game and a family-friendly version of football that would get input from the fans.

It began with eight teams of a 40-man roster that would also focus on a faster, more fan-centric game.

Now that ratings are coming in after the first fews weeks, it seems viewership is falling off by the millions per week.   

The upstart league was presented by ABC, Fox, ESPN and FS1.  It saw an average of 1.61 million viewers for four games so far and it's down from about 2.1 million viewers for Week 2.  

Week 1 viewership averaged 3.1 million viewers.

Questions are already looming as to if this is a viable league.

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