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If you're like most of America, you've been quarantined for the last few weeks.  During this unfortunate time we've all come to realize that there's some gadgets that without them...we would've gone mad.

First, the cellphone.  Say what you want about this gadget.  True, it's a modern day tracking device for the government but most of us have dealt with that fact and decided years ago, it's best to do things right and go places we wouldn't have to lie or be ashamed of later.

My cell has keep me in contact with family, friends, the latest in news, virus updates, social media, a way to pay bills and transfer money plus take pictures of empty streets.

Second, the 34 wires to hook to keep that charge phone going.  It seems I have 2 or 3 per room. 

Third, the remote control.  What more seems to be said about that?

That's just my top 3.  We can add refrigerator, phone holders, laptop computers and I could probably list another 10 important gadgets I'm thankful for but that cellphone won't ever be topped.

I'm sure the government, Big Brother or whomever continues to watch us is happy about that.  Hopefully, soon, we will come out of the pandemic better people, healthier, safer and with lowered cellphone bills.

It's a hope.

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