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It seems that these are the times to end feuds or beefs.  But for some of us, until we get the people we're beefing with to give everyone the whole truth and nothing but the truth...that beef won't go away. This seems to be the case with Apollonia as it relates to Sheila E.

Apollonia didn't seem too happy about the once upon time, Prince collaborator and rumored lover, Sheila E., releasing "Lemon Cake," (04/17/20) a song "The Glamorous Life" singer made in honor of your Prince.

"One day I mentioned to him that I make a good chocolate and lemon cake.  His response was, 'Oh, I didn't know you cooked.'  I said, 'Of course I do.  My mom being Creole and dad Mexican, I better
know how to cook.'  The next day I baked a lemon cake.  It was love at first sight and one of his favorite things that we would share in the studio," Sheila stated.

Apollonia began a post on scathing Facebook stating, "You are so desperate to be RELEVANT as the brilliant Linda Perry said."  The post started with her referring to the song and Sheila E.'s involvement in Let's Go Crazy: the Grammy Salute to Prince, a special that airs April 21, 2020 to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Prince's passing.  She went on to say, "Prince refused to acknowledge yo for 5 years before his death because of your lies.  Your charity funds went where?  Where are the music schools $$??  I was there helping you raise funds.  I had your best interest at heart but later found out, the money went into your dirty pocket$.  I was crestfallen.  Prince scolded me!  He knew better."

"You can't continue to fool our Prince fans any longer.  Because I AM here to tell you, it's over.  Time for the truth.  My memoirs will reveal all that Prince revealed to me," she went on saying, "Painful for me because I was your friend.  I helped you raise $$$ My wealthy friends asked me: Where are the music schools?$!?  None exist!  FKN tragic because I believed you."

Apollonia continued, "You need to stop using Prince in death," she added to also stop using Purple Rain - the 1984 film that starred Apollonia and Prince.

"I listened to all of his complaints and even then, I did not want to be in between you both.  It was painful for me because I loved you both.  But once he was killed, you exposed your true self.  It broke my heart.  He was right all along,"  she lamented.

"Why would you do a Purple Rain boat cruise tour $?$? in 2016?  Why would you sell Prince logo t-shirts $$$?  Why did you tell The Revolution April 2016 that YOU knew how Prince died BUT you could not tell them!?!  Please get over yourself:  YOU ARE NOT PRINCE.  You will never be," Apollonia said.

"You can copy his attire, try your best, but you will NEVER be Prince," she concluded in her lengthy diatribe.  "So get over yourself sad self and face the truth.  He did not want anything to do with you for 5 years.  You erased all that history by being your desperate egotistical self.  Egotistical empty sad desperate for money.  Money will not get you to Heaven  Time to come out and tell the truth.  God forgives," she continued.

I doubt we'll see a reunion between those two any time soon.  But check out Sheila E.'s Lemon Cake below:

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