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After 33 seasons, America's long-running reality feast is no more.  

'Cops has been cancelled by the Paramount Network following a near seven-year stint.  

The docuseries, which would follow real police officers on duty around the country as they patrolled the various city streets and made arrests, debuted in 1989 on Fox, where it aired Saturday nights for more than two decades until it was cancelled in 2013.  Later picked up by Spike TV, until that network changed its' name to Paramount Network in 2018.  

It seems that due to the murder of George Floyd by police and the worldwide protest against systemic racism and police violence Paramount made the decision to cancel the June 8 season premier.  

A network spokesperson added that they didn't have any current or future plans on the return of the show.

Additionally, A&E's Live PD decided to cancel it's flagship series and one of the highest-rated shows on basic cable.

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"Due to this critical time in this nation's history they've decided to postpone production of the show and going forward the would determine if their was a clear pathway to tell the stories of both the community and the police officers whose role it is to serve them," a spokes person said in a statement.

The host, Dan Abrams went to Twitter to address the cancellation with fans of the show.

Click below to read his response

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