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Guess How Much Biggie's Infamous Crown Sold For?!!?!


The Notorious B.I.G.'s famed King of NY crown he wore in his iconic final photoshoot from 1997 just sold for some big bucks! 

Biggie and the photographer who purchased it allegedly only spent $6.

Fast forward to today, the crown that's been duplicated in prints thousands of times over -- just got sold off in a Sotheby's auction ... for a whopping $594,750!

That's over half a million for the iconic crown...made of plastic!

Big's photographer, Barron Claibornesays the crown concept almost didn't happen because Diddy wasn't feeling it at the time, allegedly saying it was gonna make Biggie look like "Burger King." 

Big Poppa didn't care though ... he wore the crown anyways.

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