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Peleton King Of Streaming Services When It Comes To Artists' Payouts

Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal… Pure trash. If you really want to be bout-it-bout-it in the music game and stop stacking pennies, the only thing that makes sense is to get your music viral on one of the best-paying streaming services around —Peleton.

Did I stutter? Yes, that Peleton — the same one upper-middle-class suburban wives, young professionals and all kinds of weekend warriors flocked to in order to fulfill their fitness goals during the heart of 2020s Covid 19 spurred pandemic.

According to the music industry blog The Trichordist which aggregated the data the glorified exercise bike payout rate per stream based on 2019 data was 3.1 cents, a sum that made the totals of streaming juggernauts like Spotify (.35) Apple Music (.68), YouTube (.15) and Tidal (.88) seem pale in comparison.

Only Facebook, with a relatively massive 6 cents per stream payout — boosted by the platform’s direct monetization deals with artists as well as songs streamed on its gaming platform, fared better. 

Still, it’s probably not the time to devote too many tracks to riding dirty in one’s living room. Overall fitness accounts for still a very small share of the total market and Peleton’s revenue through streaming is only 1.28 percent of the industry total. Spotify brings in more than half of global revenue and YouTube is responsible for more than half of globally licensed music streams.

The whole study is available to read here.


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