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The People's Champ Remains Undefeated

Paul Wall
 The People’s Champ remains undefeated.

Usually the Internet comes for people, but sometimes it comes out to defend them. That was the case Tuesday when Baltimore rapper Miss Kam took to Twitter to question why a certain type of musician was allowed to flourish in the 90s and then implied those artists would be canceled like a bad check today.

"i wanna kno what was it about the social climate that made Bubba Sparxxx n Paul Wall acceptable back in the day lol,” read the tweet from Kam, who had to know she was pouring fuel on the fire.

If she didn’t, it didn’t take long to find out with legions of fans coming to support and cosign the artists — most notably Houston native Wall, who many said embodied the scene of the city from his slabs to his famous grills.

Kam wasn't deterred after being ratioed on her initial post and said the reaction to her question showed how sensitive people are in 2021, and doubled-down on her assertion that the duo would be very problematic if they debuted today.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for this Houston-based media site, Wall remains beyond reproach. He is who he says he is and that's Houston from the crown all the way down. 

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