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Cheez-It Comes for Rap Snacks With Cheese Crackers Aged to Hip-Hop Hits

Courtesy photo: Cheez-It
Hold on to your Rap Snacks because Cheez-It is about to take the intersection of hip-hop and profit to new levels of hype.

If Cardi B's Jerk BBQ Wavy Potato Chips get you going and the thought of some of Lil' Boosie's Louisiana Heat in your mouth makes it water, then the iconic snack brand thinks you will love its next big idea.

Instead of asking hip-hop musicians for their favorite flavors and packaging them for mass consumption, Cheez-It has partnered with Spotify to give fans a taste of the artform itself the next time they grab a box of cheese crackers.

The company's new limited-edition Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers have been aged to hip-hop tunes including cuts from greats like A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, The Roots, Beastie Boys, and Snoop Dogg for six and a half months.

It sounds insane and is likely nothing more than a cute marketing gimmick, but according to Cheez-It, this campaign has roots in real science.

The brand cites a Swiss study that found aging cheese to hip-hop music could strengthen the taste and smell and decided to put its own spin on it with the help of Pandora, which utilized its experts to find hip-hop songs with similar attributes to those from the study to create the "first-ever sonically-aged snack."

"This collaboration is the perfect mix of my favorite things: hip-hop music, wild innovation and Cheez-It," SiriusXM radio host Sway Calloway said in a release announcing the collaboration. "Hip-hop has influenced many lives, so I'm looking forward to seeing if fans can taste the effect of the most beloved genre of music in the world on these crackers."

Cheez-It is collaborating with Calloway to release his exclusive new YouTube series, "Living Legendz." The new series, slated to start May 26, features interviews with hip-hop icons who've changed the industry, providing their thoughts on how hip-hop music has impacted the world.

The Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers will be sold exclusively via Cheez-It's online shop beginning that same day. Fans can also access the Aged by Audio mixtape there which was curated by the music and sonic experts at Pandora.

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