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LeBron James Announces 'Purpose Driven' Partnership With LIFEWTR

It's not on the same level as "The Decision," but LeBron James' move to PepsiCo in 2021, after nearly two decades with rival Coca-Cola, was a big deal. 

Now the basketball billionaire — who has already played heavily in marketing for PepsiCo brands Mtn. Dew and Ruffles — is expanding his alliance with the company.

Wednesday James and PepsiCo's premium bottled water brand LIFEWTR announced a multi-year partnership. 

The deal will purportedly support the Lakers star's passion for community empowerment, an initiative that holds true to the brand's mission to help people thrive.

"LeBron James' unwavering dedication to uplifting individuals and communities mirrors our mission at LIFEWTR to help people thrive," Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages North America, said in a statement. "We are thrilled to work with him to further the LIFEWTR brand's commitment to helping underrepresented voices flourish."
"I've always loved LIFEWTR and how every detail – from the original art showcased on its bottles to the brand's efforts to champion diverse voices – serves a bigger purpose," James, 37, added. "LIFEWTR is all about inspiring creativity, and I want the kids in my I PROMISE program and people everywhere to be inspired by the exciting work we'll do together."

Specifics of the program were not provided, but LIFEWTR said the collaboration with LeBron will include the debut of dedicated programming that will be announced later this year. It added that the NBA legend and LIFEWTR will work together on such efforts as the LeBron James Family Foundation's mission to “support underserved communities across the U.S.,” and the I Promise School, which James established to “provide a new approach to urban education for underserved students and families in Akron, Ohio.”

The company said the partnership signals the next chapter in James' ongoing relationship with PepsiCo, describing LIFEWTR as having a demonstrated history of supporting diverse communities and the evolution of the partnership is in service of the commitments just like its parent company through The PepsiCo Racial Equity Journey.

According to PepsiCo, the initiative elevates diverse voices within the company, among supply chain partners, and the communities it serves, while helping to dismantle longstanding racial barriers for Black and Hispanic Americans through a $400 million and $172 million investment over five years.

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