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'Birthday Sex' Singer, Jeremih, Launches White Wine Brand

"Birthday Sex" singer Jeremih is launching a wine brand in partnership with LiveOne.
First, he brought the world an eponymously named ballad about birthday sex, and now Grammy-nominated R&B singer Jeremih is putting something on the market that may increase its frequency.

The man behind the ode to natal day naughtiness, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2009 and is certified 3x-platinum, is following in the footsteps of some of his hip-hop contemporaries and releasing an alcoholic beverage.

Instead of championing liquor with his personal brand, which artists like Jay-Z, Drake and Diddy have done, to name a few, to massive success — the 35-year-old Chicago native is launching a wine label.

"People might think I'm a tequila or Hennessy drinker but don't let the media fool you. I've always been a white wine kinda guy," he said in a statement released today (Oct. 14) announcing his partnership with LiveOne and winemaker Russell Bevan to produce the beverage.

LiveOne a "creator-first, music, entertainment and technology platform" created LiveOne Brands to diversify its business model and attempt to break into the multi-billion-dollar celebrity wine and spirits category.

According to Nielsen, off-premises sales of white wine for the 52-Week period that ended March 6, 2021, totaled over $9.1 billion. With Jeremih lending his name and likeness to the mix and Bevan, who has helped craft over 15 100-point wines, providing the technical know-how, the partners believe they have a winning combination.

"Watching my friends launch their own liquors got me thinking; why am I not doing that? So that's where LiveOne came in," Jeremih said. "They linked me with legendary winemaker Russell Bevan, and when two legends link up it's a recipe for success."

He added, of the wine which will be priced for accessibility according to LiveOne, "Now I got a wine that's perfect for the crib, the club, the studio - anywhere you wanna get a little loose. I'm excited to expand my entrepreneurial endeavors and showcase my creativity in a whole new way."

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