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Al B. Sure Opens Up About 'Life-Changing' Medical Ordeal After Spending Two Months in a Coma

Al B. Sure, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A day after his son, Albert Brown IV, shocked fans with the revelation of his recent release from the hospital after spending two months in a coma, Al B. Sure took to social media on Tuesday to thank fans for their support.

The legendary R&B singer tweeted, “A very humble thank you for the prayers my @WBLS1075NYC family. I’m alive, awake, on the mend. Submissively grateful!#AllPraiseisDuetoAllah. I’ll share more of my health experience soon in hopes to encourage us all to stay on top of our #HealthandWellness #GoSeetheDoctor.”

Posted alongside a picture of Sure being attended to by hospital personnel while standing in a dressing gown, the words were the latest in a long line of health updates by the artist that began over the summer.

In previous posts, he had alluded to his health issues and even provided pictures as he went into different surgeries but offered no specifics as to what illness or affliction he was facing.

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old finally shed some light on his medical ordeal. Sure, posted a three-part letter to his fans on Instagram, and videos from his hospital stay.

According to the Grammy Award-nominated crooner, he underwent various medical procedures, including an organ transplant, multiple blood transfusions, a hernia repair, intubation and being placed on a ventilator — after losing feeling on the entire left side of his body in July and being taken to the emergency room.

Sure said he was not made fully aware of what happened while he was under until October.

"This unforeseen medical roller coaster has been a complete life changing experience and I truly value everyday functionality like Walking, Talking and Breathing on your my own with no assistance from a medical professional or machines," Sure, who noted that his doctors were fully prepared to send him to hospice, wrote. " Take none of the forementioned for granted."

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