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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Brutally Assaulted by Multiple Men at Florida Gym

 Tekashi 6ix9ine mugshot
Controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was brutally assaulted by multiple men at a South Florida gym on Tuesday, resulting in serious injuries that required hospitalization.

According to Lance Lazzaro, the rapper's attorney, 6ix9ine was ambushed without warning while in the sauna at an LA Fitness gym. 

The assailants outnumbered and overwhelmed the rapper, who was not accompanied by security at the time.

Gym staff quickly alerted a manager, who called the police and emergency medical services. 6ix9ine was then transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

A photo obtained by TMZ, which first reported the story, shows significant facial damage, including gashes and swelling, sustained by 6ix9ine during the attack.

Lazzaro plans to contact federal authorities to ensure the rapper's safety. 6ix9ine was granted early release from federal prison after cooperating with authorities in a case that resulted in the incarceration of several gang members.

It is unclear whether the attack is related to 6ix9ine's cooperation.


  1. "It is unclear whether the attack is related to 6ix9ine's cooperation."

  2. Wow, CHILD MOLESTERS beating up tekashi 69. Irony

  3. Good on him for co-operating with authorities. Haters always gonna say he’s snitching.

  4. Unclear if this was due to cooperation..... the caption in the screenshot that clearly says "rat" wasn't clear enough for the author

  5. Why are they calling him the N word, he’s not black huh? People think the N word is cool, dummies!!

  6. There is a reason why people try to form communities without people like this.

  7. They managed to improve his face.

  8. He looks like lead singer for ANIMAL..
    Who is queer

  9. found this site and like it but it shows up as not secure so not sure what to make of it... may wanna update


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