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Watch: Da Brat and Wife Judy Tackle Marriage, Babies, and Business in Third Season of 'Brat Loves Judy'

Courtesy We tv
Da Brat, the legendary Chicago rapper born as Shawntae Harris, has made history twice. 

First, in 1994, she became the first solo female rapper to go platinum with her debut album "Funkdafied." 

Over two decades later, she made history again by publicly coming out as a lesbian, defying the norms of an industry known for misogyny and a lack of tolerance for alternate lifestyles.

"I've always felt like being private is the better way to go because then you don't have so many people in your business," Brat told Variety at the time. "I was fine staying quiet, but my partner is a social media mogul — that's how she became who she is. And when you get with somebody, you have to meet in the middle. So to me, the middle was just letting everybody know: 'Hey, she's the one.'"

Brat's partner is none other than Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, a social media star and entrepreneur. The two tied the knot in 2022 and will continue to share their personal lives with fans on the upcoming third season of "Brat Loves Judy."

This season will focus on the highs and lows of their first year of marriage, including Judy's pregnancy. However, the road to expanding their empire has been far from easy. 

The couple has faced unexpected obstacles on their IVF journey, including health issues. As they navigate the complexities of blended family dynamics, Judy's son moving in adds another layer of drama to their relationship, highlighting their contrasting parenting styles and backgrounds.

Despite these hurdles, Brat and Judy have also collaborated on a new hair care product line called "Kaleidoscope X Brat," marking their first official joint venture.

Will the couple overcome the family drama and maintain their flourishing careers while merging their empires? Fans can tune in to WE tv on April 27 (9 pm ET), with episodes airing on ALLBLK the following Monday.

Watch the network's recently released supertease of the upcoming season below for a sneak peek of the action:

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