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Anita Baker Drops Babyface From Tour Amid Social Media Uproar

Just one day after venting her frustrations on social media, R&B legend Anita Baker has removed Babyface from her tour.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Baker announced, "After silently enduring cyberbullying, verbal abuse, and threats of violence from the fan base of our special guest/support act, in the interest of personal safety, I will continue The Songstress Tour alone. Appropriate refunds will be made."

The clash between these revered artists began when the 65-year-old songstress accused Babyface, 64, of violating their tour contract by exceeding his allotted performance time and encroaching on her coveted headlining set. Baker sought to clarify the dynamics, emphasizing that Babyface was intended to be a special guest/support act, dispelling the misconception of a co-headlining arrangement that had fueled unrealistic expectations and aggression from his fans towards her.

While their tour, "The Songstress Tour," aimed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Baker's debut album, tensions escalated as fans of Babyface, dubbed "Kenny's Crazies" by Baker, allegedly took things too far by resorting to threats against the renowned songstress.

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