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Toast to Hip-Hop's Golden Jubilee with Hennessy and Nas

Hennessy and Nas have partnered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. In this unique collaboration, the leading cognac brand will release a limited-edition Hennessy V.S bottle, designed in partnership with the hip-hop legend, paying homage to the enduring relationship between Hennessy and the genre.

The bottle's unveiling is scheduled for July 20 at a digital mapping event, aiming to showcase the global impact of hip-hop culture. Additionally, Hennessy will introduce Hennessy Album Covers, an AI-led experience that transforms selfies into personalized album covers, drawing inspiration from iconic hip-hop eras as part of their Rep Yours campaign. This campaign invites fans to express their connection to hip-hop through an immersive digital experience.

Nas expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Hennessy, emphasizing the brand's significant influence on hip-hop fans across generations. In a statement announcing the partnership, the Grammy Award-winning rapper said, "It means a lot to me to celebrate this legendary moment in hip-hop history with Hennessy, a brand that has supported me for over 10 years. Hennessy is deeply embedded in our culture and continues to inspire generations of hip-hop fans. I'm extremely proud to share our new limited-edition bottle with the world."

The relationship between Hennessy and hip-hop has been intertwined for years, with the cognac brand prominently featured in countless rap songs, solidifying its position as the most referenced spirit in the industry. Renowned artists such as Nas, Tupac, and Jay-Z have made numerous lyrical references to Hennessy, highlighting its prominence within the genre.

Beyond its presence in lyrics, Hennessy has actively engaged with the hip-hop community through collaborations and partnerships. Working alongside renowned photographer Renell Medrano, Nas has narrated a film as a heartfelt tribute to hip-hop. The film showcases imagery of the Hennessy V.S Bottle and offers a personal reflection on the brand's profound impact on the culture.

To enhance the celebration, Hennessy's expert mixologists have crafted three signature cocktails inspired by flavors synonymous with hip-hop: "The Big Apple," "HenNASsy Honey" and "Incredible Hennessy."

For more information and to participate in toasting this seminal moment in hip-hop history through the Rep Yours campaign, click here.

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