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Megan Thee Stallion Partners with Flamin' Hot to Launch $150,000 Scholarship at Her Alma Mater

Megan Thee Stallion, the Grammy-winning rapper, is heating up the education scene through a collaboration with the iconic snack brand Flamin' Hot by Frito-Lay. 

Together, they're unveiling Flamin' Hot University, an innovative educational initiative that fuses spicy snacks with higher learning.

This isn't your typical campus partnership. According to a statement released about the joint endeavor on Tuesday, it's a remarkable philanthropic venture.

Megan Thee Stallion proudly endorses a unique collection of Flamin' Hot University merchandise. Curated by the acclaimed streetwear designer Melody Ehsani, this range features pieces like the Stallion Varsity Jacket and Hot Girl Club Sweater, promising to infuse bold style into collegiate wardrobes.

However, the heart of this collaboration lies in giving back. The proceeds from merchandise sales will contribute to a scholarship fund, potentially reaching up to $150,000. Who's the recipient of this fund? Texas Southern University (TSU), an HBCU located in Houston and the "Savage" emcee's cherished alma mater. The exclusive merchandise is available for purchase at Aspiring TSU Tigers can find scholarship details here.

Ehsani, the creative genius behind the collection, exclaims, "Every piece in this collection embodies the spirit of Megan Thee Stallion and the fiery essence of Flamin' Hot snacks. I'm thrilled that we're creating bold and vibrant pieces while also giving back to the students at Texas Southern University."

But the philanthropic journey doesn't end there. Flamin' Hot is making a substantial contribution of $100,000 to the Pete and Thomas Foundation, a non-profit organization initiated by Megan in 2022. The foundation's mission? Empowering women, children, senior citizens, and underserved communities in Houston, Texas, and across the globe. Their recipe for success? Focusing on education, housing, and health and wellness. It's an initiative making a lasting impact.

She expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, "Creating Flamin' Hot University has been an absolute delight, allowing me to blend my passion for food and fashion. But more importantly, I'm incredibly proud that we're supporting TSU students, establishing a significant scholarship fund, championing the Pete and Thomas Foundation, and highlighting the transformative power of education."

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