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Halls and Latto Hope to Create 'Big Synergy' in Cough Drop Collab

Photo Credit: Nate Hurtsellers, Director of Photography
Grammy-nominated rapper Latto is teaming up with Halls to breathe fresh air into their cough drop wrappers. These limited-edition wrappers, set to debut on October 4th, feature 16 distinct pep talks inspired by Latto's chart-topping hits.

"The Halls brand is excited to see this partnership come to life and for people to check out the new limited-edition packaging," said Alex Derrig, Halls Brand Manager, in a statement announcing the partnership. "As someone who knows the importance of having reliable sore throat relief, and who offered a modern voice to the brand's iconic pep talks, there was no better partner for this campaign than Latto."

This marks the first time Halls has revamped their pep talks in over a decade.

While this partnership may seem unusual, it reflects the growing trend of artists dipping their toes into diverse industries. For Latto, this venture is an opportunity to connect with her fans in a unique and unexpected way.

"Working with Halls has been an incredible experience," said Latto. "Halls has always been my go-to when my throat is irritated, and the pep talks on the wrappers provide lighthearted emotional relief when I'm not feeling my best. Fans are always on the lookout for what lyrics I'm working on and what's coming next for me - which is why I can't wait for people to check out my new lines on the limited-edition wrappers, and I hope they can help make someone's day a little brighter."

Starting at $14.99, the Latto x Halls Honey Lemon Share Jar (250 ct) will be available on while supplies last.

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