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Missy Elliott Donates $50,000 on 'Missy Elliott Day' to Help Portsmouth Families

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Portsmouth native Missy Elliott, captured during the state's recognition of Missy Elliott Day in 2022 (Photo courtesy of the Virginia Office of the Governor).
In a heartfelt homecoming celebration, hip-hop artist Missy Elliott returned to her roots in Portsmouth,
Virginia, marking the anniversary of "Missy Elliott Day" on Tuesday. During this emotional event, she pledged a generous donation of $50,000 to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority, reaffirming her unwavering commitment to her hometown.

Elliott's donation is aimed at providing vital support to approximately 26 families at risk of eviction who meet specific criteria. She passionately stated, "I feel like as artists, we are celebrated a lot. So instead of it being about me, I wanted it to be about the people here, my hometown."

The commemorative event also witnessed Missy Elliott's mother, Patricia Elliott, sharing touching memories of their family's financial struggles before Missy's meteoric rise in the world of R&B and hip-hop. Recalling the pouring rain and the passionate shouts of fans who chanted, "we love you," Mrs. Elliott emotionally reflected on the enduring love from their hometown. Missy Elliott reciprocated that love with this substantial donation.

Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover emphasized the pressing issue of eviction in the city and highlighted Missy Elliott's donation as a beacon of hope for many residents facing this challenge. Elliott, who personally understands the struggles of single mothers, said, "Especially for me, who has been in a situation like that, my mother is a single mother, that's what made it important."

Aside from her philanthropic endeavors, Missy Elliott's impact on her hometown was also celebrated on October 17, 2022, when Governor Glenn Youngkin officially declared it as Missy Elliott Day in the Commonwealth. The city of Portsmouth honored her by renaming McLean Street to Missy Elliott Boulevard and presenting her with the key to the city.

Missy Elliott's remarkable journey from Portsmouth to international stardom serves as an inspiring example of hometown pride and giving back to the community. With chart-topping hits like "Sock It 2 Me," "She's a Bitch," "Get Ur Freak On," "One Minute Man," "4 My People," "Gossip Folks," and "Work It," her musical legacy and impact on the music industry are significant, earning her four Grammy Awards and numerous accolades.

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