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In Their Own Words: Oprah and Taraji Deny Feud, Share Mutual Admiration Amidst Viral Video Buzz

Photo Credit: Instagram/@tarajiphenson
In response to swirling rumors suggesting a possible feud, Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P. Henson have unequivocally denied any discord and have instead reiterated their mutual respect and unwavering support for each other.

The speculation gained momentum following a viral TikTok video capturing the duo posing for photos atop the Empire State Building during the press tour for their upcoming film, "The Color Purple," scheduled for release on December 25. Fans speculated on tension between the two, particularly noting a moment when Oprah appeared to glance at Taraji before looking away, and Taraji seemed emotional.
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The video surfaced just days after Taraji candidly addressed the persistent issue of pay disparity in Hollywood for Black women, expressing her exhaustion over the ongoing struggle during an interview. Speculations arose that the rumored tension between Taraji and Oprah might be linked to these recent remarks.

However, Taraji took to Instagram to set the record straight, sharing a photo of herself and Oprah and praising the media mogul for her unwavering support and guidance. In a lengthy message, Taraji emphasized that Oprah has been a "steady and solid beacon of light" for the entire cast of "The Color Purple."

“She has provided ENCOURAGEMENT, GUIDANCE, and UNWAVERING SUPPORT to us all,” Taraji wrote. She acknowledged Oprah's personal accessibility, stating that a single call and conversation with the decision-making Black woman made her feel heard.

Oprah, in response to the rumors, also shared her sentiments about Taraji, expressing her admiration for the actress and singer. “I’ve long admired Taraji. She can make you laugh, cry, cheer, and feel everything in between," Oprah wrote. "Taraji the actress: A force. Taraji the singer? A complete revelation. What I love about her portrayal of Shug Avery is that she plays her like a woman who not only sang the blues but had lived the blues."

In her Instagram post, Taraji also addressed the broader issue of support among women of color, emphasizing the importance of unity across industries. “It is so important for black women and ALL women of color to support each other. It is also imperative to have women of color in decision-making positions across ALL industries,” she noted.

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