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Nicki Minaj Reigns Supreme: 'Pink Friday 2' Crowns Her Rap Queen with Historic No. 1 Album

In a resounding triumph for Nicki Minaj, her latest release, "Pink Friday 2," has not only asserted her dominance in the rap genre but has also etched her name in the annals of music history. The album's success has catapulted Minaj to new heights, securing her status as the female rapper with the most No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200, a remarkable three in total. Additionally, "Pink Friday 2" claims the title of the biggest female rap album of the decade.

The album's impressive performance, amassing over 228,000 units in total consumption and boasting 170 million album streams, underscores Minaj's unwavering influence in the industry. With this feat, she becomes the first female rapper to achieve a No. 1 album in two different decades, a testament to her enduring chart-topping prowess.

"Pink Friday 2" not only dominated the overall Billboard 200 but also clinched the top spots on the "Album Sales," "R&B/Hip-Hop Albums," and "Rap Albums" charts. The success culminates in a top-ten overall album debut for the year, solidifying Minaj's reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Minaj's impact extends beyond album sales to Billboard's Hot Rap Songs chart, where she notches her 50th top 10, tying for the third-most among all acts. The achievement is propelled by three new tracks from "Pink Friday 2," including "Everybody" (No. 3), "FTCU" (No. 5), and "Barbie Dangerous" (No. 10). This accomplishment positions Minaj alongside rap heavyweights Kanye West and reflects her exceptional influence in the rap genre.

As she secures her place in the upper echelons of Hot Rap Songs, Minaj's tally of top 10 hits now stands at 50, sharing the third position with Kanye West. Drake and Lil Wayne hold the top two spots with 133 and 54 top 10 hits, respectively.

"Pink Friday 2" doesn't stop at the three top 10 hits, extending its impact with nine more debuts on the Hot Rap Songs chart. These include tracks such as "Let Me Calm Down," featuring J. Cole, and "Beep Beep," reinforcing Minaj's versatility and widespread appeal.

This monumental success aligns with Minaj's recent birthday celebration on December 8th, marking her forty-first year and coinciding with the album's release. Despite a career spanning over a decade and a half, "Pink Friday 2" stands as only Minaj's fifth studio project, emphasizing the thoughtful pace at which she crafts her albums.

While the album showcases Minaj's signature rap style and features collaborations with artists like Lil Uzi Vert and J. Cole, it also delves into introspective moments. The track "Are You Gone Already" reflects on the tragic death of Minaj's father in a hit-and-run in 2021, adding depth to the album's narrative.

However, the extensive length of "PF2" – twenty-two tracks over seventy minutes – poses a challenge, leaving the album feeling somewhat unfocused. Minaj's biting humor and rap prowess shine through, but the sheer volume of tracks occasionally dilutes the impact of her message.

Despite its minor shortcomings, "Pink Friday 2" has secured Minaj's record as the female rapper with the most No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200, reinforcing her indelible mark on the rap landscape. As Minaj continues to shape the narrative of female rap, her achievements with "Pink Friday 2" serve as a testament to her enduring influence and artistry.

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