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The King of Crunk Finds Calm: Lil Jon Embraces Meditation

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Andre 3000 traded rapping for the flute, and now Lil Jon, the king of crunk, is swapping "Shots! Shots! Shots!" for soothing meditation mantras.

Hip-hop's most iconic figures are on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, proving there's more to these artists than meets the ear...or the party anthem. Could this be the start of a new era of mindful hip-hop where we go from "Get Low" to finding our inner peace?

In a recent interview with NPR's Ayesha Rascoe on Weekend Edition Sunday March 3, the Grammy-winning rapper and producer unveiled his newfound dedication to meditation, sharing insights into his motivations and aspirations.

"Yeah, it was anxiety and a little stress from a lot hitting me at the same time," Lil Jon shared with Rascoe, reflecting on the catalyst for his exploration of mindfulness. "Turning 50, looking at my life, looking at my marriage and a lot of things, and trying to move on and get through those things."

This transition from his signature party anthems to guided meditation marks a profound shift for the artist, signaling a broader movement toward wellness. Lil Jon's latest album, "Total Meditation," dropped on Feb. 16 and deviates from his customary beats, featuring his own soothing mantras and guided meditations designed to help listeners find calm and focus.

"I found, at this particular point in my life, I really need to go into it a little deeper," Lil Jon explained. "I would meditate every day, say my affirmations, and all of that would quiet me — calm those crazy thoughts and emotions I would have and give me some peace."

Despite his reputation as a high-energy entertainer, Lil Jon stressed the importance of balance and self-care, advocating for rest, sleep, and hydration.

"You gotta turn down sometimes," he emphasized. "You gotta take care of your health."In a subsequent interview with CBS Mornings, Lil Jon discussed the unique aspects of his meditation album and the journey that led him to explore mindfulness.

"I turned 50," Lil Jon disclosed during the CBS interview, reflecting on his motivation. "I started to have... a recurring little thing on my side and it scared me... But I had stopped drinking, and I felt like I started to come out of a fog, and I had clarity."

Lil Jon's venture into meditation underscores a broader cultural shift toward mindfulness and self-care within the hip-hop community, showcasing his commitment to personal growth and wellness.

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