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J. Cole Backtracks on Kendrick Diss: 'Spiritually Felt Bad'

In a surprising turn of events, J. Cole expressed regret over his recent diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar during his performance at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina.

During his set on Sunday, Cole reflected on his latest project, "Might Delete Later," and openly admitted to feeling remorse regarding his diss towards Kendrick Lamar.

Acknowledging his own misstep, Cole described it as "the most regrettable, misguided s—t," expressing a desire for reconciliation. This revelation follows a recent feud ignited by songs on both Lamar's and Cole's latest projects.

Cole placed the song last on his surprise new project "Might Delete Later," which dropped on April 5. On the track, he responded to Lamar's verse on Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That," where Lamar took shots at Drake and J. Cole for categorizing him as part of "the big three."

"I'm so proud of ['Might Delete Later'], except for one part," said Cole. "It's one part of that sh—t that makes me feel like, man, that's the lamest sh—t I did in my life, right? And I know this is not what a lot of people want to hear."

Continuing his reflection, Cole expressed feeling conflicted about publicly responding to Lamar's diss and the pressure to engage in the discourse it sparked. He admitted that releasing the diss track "spiritually felt bad" and disrupted his peace.

In a plea for forgiveness and reconciliation, Cole publicly addressed Lamar, acknowledging his greatness and expressing regret for his actions. He concluded by hoping to return to his true path and acknowledging the discomfort he felt over the past two days as a result of the feud.

Additionally, Cole announced his decision to remove "7 Minute Drill" from streaming services as a gesture of remorse for its content.

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