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Rapper Julio Foolio Gunned Down Hours After Lavish Birthday Bash

Charles Jones, also known as Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio. (YouTube)
Florida rapper Julio Foolio was fatally shot early Sunday while celebrating his 26th birthday.

Julio Foolio, whose real name was Charles Jones, had told his 1 million Instagram followers he had "the best birthday ever," before the tragedy.
Jones had been hosting a pool party at a rented Airbnb in the Tampa area Saturday afternoon. The event grew so large that police responded, shutting it down and forcing the guests to leave. Jones and others later moved to a nearby Holiday Inn.
At approximately 4:40 a.m., gunfire erupted in the hotel's parking lot, killing Jones and wounding three other people, according to the Tampa Police Department. The injured victims are in stable condition. The medical examiner's office has not yet confirmed Jones' identity.

Jones' attorney, Lewis Fuso, described the incident as an ambush. "Mr. Jones was reportedly ambushed in the hotel's parking lot," Fuso said in a statement.
Jones was known for his association with the Jacksonville-based gang KTA and had survived previous attempts on his life, including a 2021 shooting in Jacksonville, after which he taunted his attackers on Instagram.

The investigation is ongoing, with Tampa police reviewing surveillance footage from the hotel. No suspects have been arrested as of Sunday afternoon.

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