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Shonda Rhimes spills a little dirt on season 3 of scandal

Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the hit series Scandal, spills a little dirt on the upcoming season 3 of the series.
Well, the wait will soon be over as season 3 of the hit series Scandal is set to return this October. The show's, creator recently spilled a little dirt on what to expect in an interview with Vulture magazine.

Here is a few excerpts of what she said:

This is what she said about the ending of season 2 and how she will kick off season 3.

"When season three begins, I feel like we have some business to take care of. People are saying to Liv, "Are you the president's mistress?" The first episode sort of leads to some very interesting negotiations between the president and the first lady and Olivia in a way."

This is what she said about some of the Characters and the themes that override them. Speaking first on Olivia and then the President.

" There's a moment in the second scene of the first episode where you sort of discover that the Olivia you know now is a very different person than she used to be. I feel like we're discovering that Olivia's in this very interesting state of evolution, and we have no idea where she's going to be at the end of this season."

"I can't say anything about the President that's not a spoiler!"

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