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The Buzz of the week goes to Kendrick Lamar who lit up the social universe!

By Jon Elbaz [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kendrick Lamar, single handedly, made rappers wake up and think!
 Kendrick Lamar awakened the true essence of what Hip Hop used to be before all of the fame and fortune took over.

Today's rappers, (with the exception of a few like Kendrick, Lupe, Drake, J-cole, Tyler and a couple of others) are basically all about the money. There is no skill, no technique, no substance, no showman ship, it's nothing.

 Charalmane, the god, was asked in a recent interview about who he thought was qualified to respond and he said Drake was the only one with the status and popularity to matter. He basically, said that rap now days is less about skill and more about popularity. He acknowledges that Drake, indeed does have the skill but it would not have the impact, if Drake wasn't popular.

There may be an underground rapper that is just blazing with skill but because no one knows who he is, it won't matter.

What is your opinion!

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