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MLK Day Time of Reflection Commentary

On this MLK Day, we must continue to reflect not only on his legacy but the work ahead that still must be done.
As a nation, we have come far since the civil rights movement but yet we still have farther to go. Since the election of the country's first black president, Barak Obama in many ways our country has taken a step backward. The racism that used to lie just under the surface in suppression during the 80s, 90s and early 2000s has now come to the top in this digital age.

If you look at the comments of most websites when an article is posted about some one of color, you will often see that hate is yet still alive. Take for instance, the commercial with the bi-racial child pouring cheerios on her dad.

Even more recently, another dad got hate comments for posting a selfie of himself brushing his daughter's hair on facebook. Really?

Or Just check out this experiement with race on a recent episode of ABC's "What would you do"..

I got mad just looking at it. In the end a psychologist offers a true explanation. Racism is so ingrained that most people don't want to acknowledge it or admit that it exists.

So on this MLK Day, let's all search ourselves of all races and be truthful and honest with ourselves. If we find that we still have any racial bias toward anyone, lets kill it now so that the future of this great country will finally one day move beyond this issue as Dr. King Dreamed. Let his dream one day be truly recognized.

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