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Houston Rockets "Determined" To Add Carmelo Anthony

After losing two of their top eight scorers, Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah, the Houston Rockets are looking to add a new player to the roster.

According to, the Houston Rockets are "determined" to add Carmelo Anthony, once his departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder is secured.

NBA analysts say the Thunder could waive and stretch Anthony's $27.9 million salary which would save the franchise $107 million in salary and tax, within the next seven to 10 days if they're unable to find a trade partner.

Carmelo is coming off of his worst season in the NBA, averaging 16.2 points on 40.4% shooting.
Melo opted into the final year of his contract for $28 million which would cost the Thunder a record tax bill.

Do you think the Rockets should pick up Carmelo?

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