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Anita Baker Asks Fans To Boycott Her...

Anita Baker is fighting for her rights to own her masters.

The legendary singer is asking fans not to purchase or stream her music as she currently is battling her record label.

On March 9, Baker tweeted “Miraculously... I have out-lived ALL, of my Artist Contracts,” the Rhythm of Love songstress tweeted. “They no longer ‘Own’ My Name & Likeness. And, by Law...30-year-old masters are to be returned to Me. Unfortunately, they’re gonna make me Fight 4 it. I’m Prepared 2 do that. Please Don't advertise/buy them. ABXO.”

Baker also spoke out about how music streaming service Spotify doesn't pay artists what they are worth.

After fans continued to question her, Baker broke down what each musician actually gets paid from streams. “Correction. 2020 Streaming rate: $0.003 - $0.005, [which is] 1/3 - 1/2 A PENNY Per Stream for Artists minus... *fees *taxes *ect. ect. They need to leave me alone fr,” she wrote.“Hello Sweetheart,” she tweeted. “Thank You 4 Sending Me Your Love. But, let’s not Advertise Spotify Streaming, which is a Publicly Traded Company with a $50 Million Valuation... but doesn't pay Artists/Creators what they’re Worth. ABXO.”

Baker tweeted “I Am Just No longer Free Advertising for the Thieves in The Temple. #JoyRising” using a GIF of the late Prince to describe the music industry as “thieves.”

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