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Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak) break up on twitter and feud!

 The new group named by Bootsy Collins and comprised of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak break up on twitter amidst perceived broken promises.

If you are a follower of both Bruno and Anderson on twitter you have witnessed the name calling, dissing and feuding going on over the last couple of days. It seems as though Anderson was calling Bruno out over some perceived broken promises on promotion of the new single and not initially being invited to perform on the Grammy's lit Anderson a fire.


In the post he alludes to breaking up the group which has just recently began. This tweet lit Bruno on Fire, who calls Anderson a "Big Toof Bastard" 😂 and then Anderson fires back again calling him an appropriating prick, in reference to the latest conversation regarding Bruno's Career.


These guys go back and forth and then Bootsy steps in with a voice of calmness, to say chill out. The people love the song and things will work out.

Well it turns out, Bootsy was right and the Grammys invited the group to perform.

It seems that all ended well and the guys got what they wanted.


Let's hope this was a well orchestrated publicity stunt and not really real. If so, it worked! But the caption in the video that was posted to announce the performance does say "Silk Sonic REUNITED for ONE NIGHT ONLY.........Hmmmm! Go through the twitter feed and leave comments as to what you think?

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