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Uncle Charlie Wilson Releases Long Awaited Book
Book Available Now!
Uncle Charlie Wilson releases long awaited book.
Uncle Charlie Wilson, the former lead singer of the now defunct group The Gap Band, now turned mega-successful solo artist has finally released his long awaited book.

The book tells of a young boy from a christian home that dealt with low self-esteem while lead singing in one of the late 70s and early 80s most successful groups, The Gap Band. He candidly talks about his drug and alcohol usage and his friendship with Rick James to his ultimate down fall in to the abyss.

After finally getting clean and sober he would once again be put into the spotlight by being introduced to a new audience by Snoop Dogg and later R. Kelly. He tells of what brought Snoop to tears, his wife standing by his side while beating prostate cancer and his number #1 solo career that he has now.

It is a must read! You can purchase the book now by clicking the widget below.

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