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Watch: Wendy's and T-Pain Serve Up a Chilled Summer Anthem: 'Buy U a Frosty'

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Just in time for summer, T-Pain has put a spin on his iconic hip-hop hit "Buy U a Drank" to pay homage to a fast-food legend — Wendy's Frosty.

The Grammy-winning artist took his chart-topping single and gave it an icy makeover in a music video directed by Miles & AJ of SixTwentySix.

The video starts with T-Pain chilling in his studio, but in a magical twist, the scene transforms into a Wendy's restaurant. With his signature swagger, he grabs the mic and serves up a surreal summer anthem that might just leave fans craving Wendy's famous frozen dairy dessert.

"I loved Wendy's 'We Beefin?' mixtape back in 2018, and knew I wanted to work with them when the time was right. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to remake a classic with one of the most classic menu items of all time – the Wendy's Frosty," he said, expressing his excitement about the collaboration. This latest partnership adds to Wendy's growing list of musical collaborations.

In the previous "We Beefin?" mixtape, which paid homage to Biggie Smalls' debut studio album "Ready to Die," T-Pain even featured media personality and hip-hop icon Wendy Williams on a track. The mixtape sparked a playful feud with McDonald's, with tracks like "Rest in Grease" calling out the fast-food giant's shortcomings.

The lyrics took aim at McDonald's by saying, "You’re No. 1? That’s a joke/Why your ice cream machine always broke?/Why your drive-through always slow?/Why your innovation just can’t grow?... McDonald’s be so lazy/ I know the reason you hate me/ ’Cause I’m fast food’s First Lady/ It’s Queen Wendy up in this thang... Y’all are too chicken for this beef."

To sweeten the chances of success for this collaboration, Wendy's and T-Pain are giving fans a tasty incentive. From June 5 to the first day of summer, June 21, fans can enjoy a FREE small Frosty with any purchase. To claim their free Frosty, fans can use the offer in the Wendy's app or on the website.

Check out the full "Buy U a Frosty" video below.

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